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Yup, ya gotta love dogs, in good times and bad sliding glass doors are NEVER squeaky clean! Always some sort of slobber on them! Oy!

Our yard is a wreck half the time! Our deck has to be re-stained more often than not! Our 6' cedar fence is patched and re-patched. It's hard to keep hounds IN. They're escape artists!bAnd to make matters worse...'possums, racoons and an occasional rat like to walk the top of the fence! That drives the hounds insane. They manage to get ole Charlie rollin' too! When they've been boxed up for the night, Charlie takes over for them.

You have to box up the hounds at night, or you and the neighbors would never sleep!

We keep them in those airline approved crates at night, all covered up so they can't peer out the window and see wassup!
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