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Hounds think they are Shih Tzus and Llasa Apsos!
You'll love this!

Here is a Shih Tzu, snug in her nest! (it was I brought her little nest outside where I knit when we are in the mountains)


But if she turns her back...A HOUND DOG takes over the Shih Tzu nest!


And BLUE, too! Dani moved...Blue took over!

This has got to be common to the breed!

The following two dogs are now deceased. EMILY, my little Llasa Apso, snug in her nest:

But, the camper at night...look who has taken over the Llasa Apso nest! Yes, Abbey, the HOUND DOG! (BTW, she is a female from the same mother and father as Dani, but several years later)

ABBEY, in the Llasa Apso nest...EMILY, the Llasa Apso, on the floor!

How in the WORLD can a 60# HOUND DOG coil herself up into a nest the size of a Llasa Apso???

Where there is a will, there is a way...that's what they say...and I'm a believer!
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