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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post

I think the best word is 'clingy'. For example, she could have said "I love these needles. They're very clingy. The yarn doesn't slip around at lot. The yarn adheres to the needles very nicely"

I'm sure KP lost lots of sales off the back of that awful video. Oy!

On another note: Margaret makes a good point, about acrylic yarn VS natural fiber yarn.
My experience with acrylic: I've heard my Red Heart Super Saver Yarn squeak even with
KP nickel plated needles. Ewww. So it's sorta more the fault of the yarn than the needles IMO.
I totally agree with you! Clingy would be a much better word. Some people prefer the clingy feel when knitting and find that nickel plated needles can be too slippery. It's really a matter of preference!

As for RSHH, it is tres clingy IMO, and the squeekiness is also a feeling, not just a sound! Not knocking it - it definitely has it's uses, but having graduated to natural fiber yarns (as much as I can afford) I tend to shy away from it. I also have found other, inexpensive acrylic yarns that are more palatable for me to use!


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