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Originally Posted by kmaclean View Post
I guess it's not technically a jingle, but the commercial for that Head On migraine product is pretty brutal! "Head On, apply directly to your forehead!" repeated continuously throughout the whole ad ... seriously, who came up with that idea?
There was a lady that I knew that saw that commercial and had no idea what it was for. She asked the people in the room and they didn't know. They went around asking people if they knew what it was and nobody knew. The first commercials never said what it was for. If you assumed headache, you were right, but it could be for anything really- allergies, brain power, wrinkles....Same thing with Airborne. I thought it was a medication for flight sickness. I could never figure out why it was such a big deal that it was developed by a teacher though. (I think these have the same advertising company behind them.) Maybe they want you to talk about the stuff and make it popular that way, but it's just weird!

As for me, I hate the Sonic guys. The ones that go around and make fun of each other and the other fast food places while they eat Sonic. Now it's the REAL ice cream tagline. How annoying! Sonic needs to go back to the girls in roller-skates hawking their stuff!
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