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Originally Posted by knitcindy View Post
The commercials I have always HATED are the ones for medicine!!! ANY medicine!!!! I mean, if I have that particular problem, I'll talk to my own Dr about it, thank you very much. Just because you have a commercial about it is NOT going to make me run out and buy it.

Oh to go back to the "good old days" when all there was were commercials about REAL PRODUCTS that you could buy in a grocery store. NOT ones about medicine, mesothelioma, credit ratings, etc............

I have always wondered about that..."ask your doctor"...but why...don't you think if they thought it was right for you, they would prescribe that?

My doctor put me through 3 different birth control pills before settling on one that she thought was right for me. I wasn't just going to go marching in there and say "I want Alyess because it says so in the commercial"...I didn't ask, and it was one she swapped out for me, but what is up with that anyway?

That and the long list of side effects that would probably make you wish you just had the aliment to begin with....*sigh*
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