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Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
I was cleaning my den and came across some long stringy stuff that seems to be made of wool. This stringy stuff was wrapped into a ball and looked like hockey pucks only thicker. In the same bag were some long pointy sticks and some pointy sticks with a piece of fishing line or plastic line between the pointy sticks. There were also some of these sticks that looked like they had half a sock on them. Does anyone know what all this stuff is and how it is used?

very interesting.
something tells me you need to take some R&R time and knit!

Silly me, thought I'd have all this time to knit during summer break, I haven't knit 1 thing I wanted to knit this summer. I have made 2 bsj & will go buy yarn for #3 today, made 1 out of blue/green one with pink, yellow and blue & now since the blue/green one is of no use currently I will be making another girly one. sigh.
I really wanted to have a cardigan or 2 done for this fall, that's probably not going to happen. Maybe after the 4th (since we have a big get together) I'll ignor the house and get a cardigan or 2 done, I have the yarn, just not the time. sheesh.
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