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Originally Posted by catlvr View Post
My "mixed terrier" Shiloh was supposed to be 20 lbs! Ha!! Had her to the vet last wk. and she weighs 46 lbs!! Since I weigh 94, she DRAGS me everywhere!! Almost pulled me to the ground last week, really scary. Must get her a trainer so I can control her. She's only 7 mos old and still in the "puppy" stage!! I don't see how you walk yours. Any secrets, besides have a lot of acreage as you have!! LOL
What amazing pictures of your babies!. My Buddy is a rat terrier/jack russell cross. I will try to post a pic of him soon. He too helps me knit by wedgin himself between me and the side of the recliner and laying his head in my lap as I knit. Once again BEAUTIFUL pics!
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