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I would love to have a Pen Pal!!! or 2 or3...
KH Name: mspwrz
Country: USA- NW Texas
Your age range: 52
Years knitting: Just under 2.
Gender: female
Do you care what gender pen pal is? no I do not
Children: Yes 2 boys ages 17 and 15 and one 80 year-old mother.
Married: yes, I am still training my husband of 18 years!
Pets: 1 hyper Jack- Rat terrier and one beata fish.
Allergy concerns: not really, I just don't like smoke
Willing to send internationally: yes
OTN:Oddball baby blanket
OTH: Hat to match scarf
FO: (C)Scarf for International Swap, 12 chemo hats this month, 2 Oddball blanket sections
ITB-too many UFO's LOL!!!!
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