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Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
Think of Frank in pretty pink boxer shorts with little hearts on them.
They actually make these, I think. If you gave him some, I bet it would make you laugh.
If you can't find any, I can make you some.
Oh, and one of my favorite YouTube videos for your amusement:
(it's clean and kid friendly, too, folks: enjoy and share!)

Also, as I'm working at cataloging specimens for the university, I am entering the data into the computer. I finally finished the birds (:m rgreen:) and moved on to mammals.
There is a box labeled "# Shark Attacks" in the mammals section. We aren't really sure how to take it, but I have permission to randomly insert the number twelve in the most unlikely place (perhaps the lion skin? a mouse or shrew? the hedgehog? So many great options...)

We went to Shakespeare in the Park in the Quad Cities. Although the fireworks in the background were distracting, the play made a LOT more sense than the last time I saw it - same place, only about 16 years ago (I was seven). A Midsummer Night's Dream. Fun, but less fun than waterskiing, which is what my brother's up to this weekend.
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