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Originally Posted by AngelaR View Post
In the past years I've taken to making a casserole or some nice comfort food (read desserts) in a microwavable dish or disposable plate of some kind, that I don't mind going astray.

I know after my son died, people from church sent food over the first couple of weeks as I was pretty much a basket case. I don't think anything came as such a relief as not having to worry about the rest of the family being fed and I was truly most thankful to those people.
When someone in our family dies, it is considered important to make something that can be frozen. This is because my family is massive and you can bet that EVERYONE will arrive with massive amounts of food for the immediate relatives of the deceased, and there is no way that it could all be eaten before it goes bad. (Of course, we all also bring desserts... but 1) most desserts can be frozen and 2) some of the plates of cookies get set out for the visitors... who are cleaning the house, feeding the cats, doing the laundry, and in general making sure that the family is well cared for.

For the record, potato soup can NOT be frozen.

My mom's one cousin whose husband passed away three years ago received so much food that her freezer was stocked for almost a year. (of course, she cooks herself and she and the girls ate out sometimes... but still!)
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