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Originally Posted by Crycket View Post

I think it is starting to sink in now. I wasn't overly close in the past years, but I did grow up in her house from about 12-18. She was a funny woman. Funny strange, not so much funny ha ha...but we loved her.

I think I will make a coconut cream pie.

I was thinking about friends mom had a very thick german accent, and she came out to the front porch to offer us a snack. My best friend loves Coke (the beverage) and so when we were offered "Coke & cream pie" she was all over it. Her mom brought us a coconut cream pie. My friend looked at her and said "hey, where is my coke?" and her mom looked at her and said "there is no coke, get your own drink"....

It was a coconut creme pie we were offered, not coke and cream pie...

Maybe some coke and and a cream pie would be a fair offering. *smiles*

That's a great story and a great idea. The coke and a cream pie. I'm sure your friend will get the joke and it's a wonderful way to remember her mom. That is a very thoughtful gesture just for her. My sympathies.
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