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Knitting helped me, too
I read your blog and I must say that your jewelery distracted me at 1st. (in a good way) Once I stopped oogling at your designs, I read the blog. I agree 150% with you. I have been knitting for 2 years, now. I found knitting during a very dark time as well. I knit every day. If I don't get to knit for a few days, I am grumpy.

I love following patterns. I love it when I am challenged and finally figure out a st pattern. I love knitting simple things and just feeling instant gratification. I love searching on Ravelry for whatever I find. I love knittinghelp for teaching me what I don't know (which is a lot). I love when my DD begs me to make her something and loves it when I finish it. I love making baby hats and blankets and donating them to the hospital where my son was. I love the people I have met (online and in person) because I knit. I love looking through knitting books and magazines and marking all the things I want to make and probably won't because I will always find something else to make. I love all things knitting (except socks).

My family and friends are always saying that I should design my own patterns. At the moment, this does not appeal to me because I just like following someone else's instructions. (I also read the instruction manuals when I have to put something together.) It's just my the way I am. I have to think creatively most of the day. I use knitting as a get away and still get my creative on...Knitting saved my life, it keeps me connected to my son and I will always knit if I can't do anything else.
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