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baby raglan sweater-button hole band
I am knitting a baby raglan sweater and all the pieces are put together. I am now left with 8 st which were put on a holder for the button band on either side. I have never done this and the shower is tomorrow so I am hoping someone can help.
-The directions tell me to cast on then rib 9. I am not sure why I am casting on a new stitch? Is there any reason for this or should I just rib the 8 I have?
-I am doing it in rib (k1,p1)? Not garter st? it seems it would be better in garter..but what do I know.
-oh, on another side it said to make sure you slip the first knit stitch for a cleaner edge? Is this recomended? are we talking the outside edge?
Thanks ahead of time!
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