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hey tena! you sound just like me.
the way i taught myself to knit was, i read how to do a k and then how to do a p and i bought a ball of yarn and would k one row and p one row until the end of the ball..then i would unravel it all and do it all over again..i did this for about 3 months..then i recently ventured out and tried a pattern. i have since made 3 wrist bands and 2 snoods!
i used to get fristrated when my count was off or had dropped a stitch or added one..but i've figured out how to corrct that now lol. i can follow a pattern pretty well, but i really need to work on my tenion.
i've been lurkin this site for a few monthes and i have finally decided to join and be more active.
this really is a great site!
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