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how many cast ons do you know? (tubular for example??)
I have lately started to "collect" cast ons... you never know what to use them for :D

I used to do long tail forever and love them still. But lately I have started a search.

Accidentally I just stumbled over the tubular cast on:

Pretty impressive and probably fun. Might be great for all sorts of edges.

Lets find all instructions / possibilities out there and make your own explanations if you do it differently:

long tail
single cast on / loop on
alternate cable
knitting on
German twisted

are already in the video section

tubular I can add

and crochet on

I have left out the provisional ones entirely.

I will think hard over the next few days... there must be more (one zig-zag motion one I do not know the English name for - Runder Anschlag in German) that I use. I will add them in.

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