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Originally Posted by mks22300 View Post
Awwwww Did Charlie ever get a chance at the bone?
Nope! After a while, we took it away from Katie. She was getting it down to a "swallow whole" size! We don't ever give steak bones to Charlie. He'd swallow them almost whole, and we're afraid he'll choke. Or, have trouble the next day, at the "other end".

He went out into the forest back in May (true story!) and found the carcass of a dead deer, and brought back antlers, an entire leg bone, and half the spinal column. So he finds his own bones! He works on them every time we are up at the property! He stashes them in his Giant Size crate!

He just loved the smell of a fresh steak bone! But, no small bones for him! The hounds don't get small bones either. Their jaws are like walnut crackers. They'd splinter the bones into bone shards. Dangerous.
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