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Originally Posted by miccisue View Post
OK, this is going to sound weird, but I only have a "ladder" on the back - where I'm going from needle 3 to needle 1.
As this is my very first attempt at socks, I am only doing one at a time (actually had never heard of the "one inside the other" thing)....and I was still confused by the video.
I don't quite understand why my other "switches" are smooth and the join above the heel is "ladder-y"....any clues?
Is 3-1 where you joined? If so I would guess that the join was loose which is allowing the stitches above it to get pulled.

I bet if you move that spot over that ladder will stop being there since it's the only one you have. Knit about 5 extra stitches on each needle for a round so your join isn't at a joint between the needles.

3 needles is worse for laddering than 4 because of the tighter angles.
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