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when seeing my knitting project lately and while wearing a pullover his grandma had knit for him my god son lately walks up to me (7 years old) and demands: "knit something. I need to see how you make a coil into something." If I would see him more often I would teach him knitting.
But I think I would have to teach his mother more of that. She wanted to try if she could still do it, cast on a million stitches and knit 2 rows of "no-project". then she put the gigantic coil aside. That's that for endurance :D

I guess, though, teaching kids to knit is rewarding because they are just open minded about trying new stuff. I learned knitting when I was barely 4 and just loved it. I did crochet a year earlier.

But to this day I have not made my own dye.

Those girls are lucky to get good and expanded teaching from you! Keep up that class!
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