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I agree with the girls: Knitting is so depending on both hands that it does not matter SO much, if you are right handed or left handed.
Continental style would be advisable. That is my style of knitting, too. And it does demand more of the left hand than the right, especially with purling (regular, not Norwegian).

have you tried to do "regular" handed knitting with your working needle on the right and your stitches to be worked on the left?

I think knitting is like piano playing or typing on keyboards in that way: you just need both hands to perform their tasks. It is a little like guitar, too. Both hands do different stuff, but a lot is easier for left handed people, because the left hand is challenged a lot in the "regular" way.

But if you chose to knit left handed ("the other way around") then that is entirely your choice. I just checked youtube for you:

There are videos on the topic. This here is specifically on left handed knitting and purl stitch:

Problem is that you are not only working from the other side as in left and right, but also from the other side as in front and back loop.
The video should help you!
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