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I really love the magazines from Europe. They are more expensive, but their designs are a nice change. Plus, it's interesting to read their articles on yarn.
I agree. I live in Europe, so I have an easy time talking, but I wasn't real fond of the US-Magazines. Maybe I just got my hands on the wrong ones.

I made the baby stuff and brought it to the US and many knitters I met (my mother in law has a knitting circle) just LOVED the European designs Maybe they just liked the change?

I have a lot of baby pattern magazines. But I never subscribe to any. Some are good every issue, others just have highlights. I browse at the book shop or station news paper stand, buy what I like and get a lot of patterns online these days.

But the question is if you want patterns only or articles? For patterns: browse the web, find favorite sites with free patterns. Buy the occasional magazine with a flashing design.
For articles: you surely learn more here in the forum, but the exterior input is good, for sure.

In German magazines I know of just one that comes in English, too, but I might be wrong.

Lana grossa (yarn brand) has a website and mags in English. I like the "handknitting" one. (the link for English is up top right)

they also have the Model of the month in the service section: free instructions in German and English for a previous model from a mag as PDF.
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