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keep it up! Knitting is in fashion these days. "Old warriors" llike us may have thought that it was a dying art among people, but I read some article that was saying that the number of young knitters increases immensely lately.
The more knitters there are, the more variety of yarns we get, the cheaper it is - because everybody makes good business of it. The more patterns there are out there and the more challenges to our immagination.

I don't have many people to teach, but my secretary and me already got one of the apprentices to start up and be fascinated. Good thing for her and she just LOVED her baby gifts being received with so much awe!

Keep those kids happy and let them do a really fancy garment soon. As a kid I tired of "accessories" soon and wanted to move on. A strap-shirt or a vest? Easy, cool, fashionable. Or a winter hat?

One more accessory of fashion I know though: cell phone socks. They are the hot sales item of the day. You can make them any design, just knit them in the round or flat, maybe with a middle-cast on or any other... to your heart's desire.
They also make a great gift.

You can also make them bigger, line them with soft fabric and make them protectors for reading glasses. Great x-mas gifts, or mother's day... or so.
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