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Elaine: Silver's Sock Tutorial is how I learned to make socks. I had a decent pair the first try! Good luck and welcome to our group!

Hi everyone! I am getting better each day. I started on vitamin B12 (the time released one) and am feeling a lot better. I think the Oxycontin is finally gone and I am coming back to being me. I have been doing some reading, a bit of knitting and some computer stuff in the last week. I went to each appointment I had this week except the hydrotherapy. I missed that because it was pouring and I did not want to go out in the rain.

Tomorrow is the hard day, hubby will be working a 12 hour overtime shift and I will have to occupy myself for that whole time. Then he will be home for two days and that will be nice! I have a few things in mind to do while he is at work Saturday. In three weeks he will be off for two weeks and then I will really enjoy having him around!!

Glad to see everyone on here. I've missed talking to you all. I don't comment much but I have been reading the posts.

Have a great weekend!
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