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First Socks!
I am currently working on sock one of my first pair of socks using Silver's tutorial. So far, I am just "ribbing the cuff" but it has been very simple and rewarding. I did have to frog a couple of times at the beginning but have got the pattern down now. Also. I had trouble with the size 3 aluminum DPNs. I looked for bamboo or wood ones and could not find them locally so I took my knit guage to Michael's and found a dowel skinny enough to be a size 3 and cut it into 5 equal pieces about 7 3/8 " long. I sharpened them with a pencil sharpener then sanded them with fine sandpaper then waxed them smooth with plain old wax paper from the kitchen. They are working just fine and the yarn does not slide around like it did on the aluminum needles. BTW I am using Kroy Socks Stripes in the mulberry colorway. Good luck and happy knitting!
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