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Knitting for NICU kits
My friend Tami who lives in Crosby, TX had a micro preemie back in late 2008 and she's started up a not for profit organization to get NICU kits to families with little ones in the NICU. I said I would post a link to her website here in hopes that some of you may want to contribute some hats or blankies to the kits.

The link:

I know Tami through JustMommies, we were both due to have our sons in March 2009. Her little man Cayden was born December 31st 2008, mine was born a few weeks later on January 20th 2009. We went through some of the same things seeing as our boys both lived at the NICU, though her sons' stay was far longer and he's still getting some treatment.

Check it out and if you want to donate items I believe the address to which they should be delivered is posted there. I will answer any questions you may have as best I can and if I don't have an answer I can consult with Tami.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out and all donations are welcome.
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