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I'm teaching two left-handed children how to knit right now.

One of them is learning left-handed, because she had already been learning on her own that way. I didn't want to discourage her from doing it the way she wanted. I've told her that all of her projects will be mirror-images of right-handed knitters, and that she will occasionally have to make changes in the design. She is an intelligent girl, so I'm sure she'll be fine with it.

Here are the Left Handed Knitting videos I found:
LH Cast on and Knit:
LH Cast on and Knit Continental:
LH Purl:
LH Purl Continental:
LH Drop Stitch Scarf:

My other left-handed student is younger (only 8 years old), so I'm teaching her to knit right-handed. She is doing fine with it! She loves knitting, and always looks forward to her lessons.

Good luck with your knitting!
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