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Originally Posted by KKinkade View Post
i'm new at knitting so i need help i'm left handed so if you can't help me don't bother posting anything. i mostly need to learn how to purl and i have a question... what happens if you use a different size needle than it calls for in the pattern?
I am also left handed. The thing with knitting is that it doesn't really matter because you use both hands no matter what. I found that Continental was much easier than English because there's less motion.

I mean, you can learn to knit "left-handed" (right needle to left needle) if you REALLY want to (and I did), but I have found that it is not worth the hassle of having to alter patterns and figure out mirror images like some of the ladies have explained. You're going to be using both hands either way, so make your life easier and learn one of the more common styles.

My only left-handed purl tip is to be gentle with your needles. I notice when I'm doing lots of purl work, My left thumb gets really stressed and cramped from trying to control the left needle with it and pressing/holding too tightly. I have to constantly remind myself to loosen up.

Related: August 13th is Left Handed Day! Only about 10% of the population is left handed, so celebrate BEING AWESOME. Remember, they say everyone was born right handed, and only the greatest overcome it (Hey, this smiley is left handed, too!)
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