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Hello All!

Just a note to say that "Kitchen Sink", and "Box of Chocolates" are ready for the next knitters. Sorry it took me so long, but we had a few obstacles. My DH went in for an outpatient surgery, and we found out that he has non-hodgkins lymphoma and chronic lymphocitic leukemia. What a shock! His surgery was on the Monday after I lost my job.

Between taking care of him as he recovered from his surgery, and picking up the slack while he's unable to cut the grass and his other "husbandly" chores, I was just too exhausted to knit for awhile there. Back on it though...I even brought them with me to a few of his doctors and procedures appointments. He's doing okay, the cancer is very treatable. He started his treatments last week, and so far, he's only had a couple of bad days.

Just let me know who to mail those snuggles to, and I'll get them to the post office! Also, I have a set of needles from the snuggle that I completed. Any suggestions for themes for the next snuggle?

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