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Yarn substitution question!!!
My dad's aunt used to knit a Fisherman's Knit/Aran afghan for each person in the family. Her daughter finally found the pattern she used and I'd like to make one for myself!

Only problem is.........the yarn she used is called Fisherman's Sayelle. What's a good substitute for Sayelle yarn? Would I be able to use Red Heart Supersaver instead??

Also, is there a difference between the "Aran" color and "cream"?

Last question -- This woman used 11 skeins of 3 1/2 oz yarn. About how many yards is that?? I do have some old Sayelle skeins in my stash, but there's really no way to tell how many yards are in them (from looking at the label).

So, if anyone can help I would REALLY appreciate it!

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