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I am a new knitter diving into all this. I am a crocheter and I have had for a long time a book with both knit & crochet stuff, but I'd been ignoring the knit side of it until now. I started a stitch pattern found in that book that included twists and got all confused too. After much fumbling and ripping out work and internet searching, I finally figured out a couple things.

#1 - the instructions in the book I was using were wrong in a critical spot (oops -- no wonder I could never get it right!)

#2 - it seems like "twist" just means move some knit stitches over some, and move the purl stitches *behind* the knit stitches, no matter which way it is twisting or how many stitches are involved. So if I can just picture in my mind where the *knit* stitches are supposed to end up at the end of the row, the rest of it falls into place with much less drama.

To more experienced knitters out there: Does that (#2) sound right?
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