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Thank you!!
Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
You mean something like a beret? Those are usually done by knitting the ribbed band, then make all the increases on the next row, usually about 1 as many as you started with. If you have 80 sts, you inc to 120. Then knit about 7-9" and make the decs evenly. If you have 120 sts then k10, k2tog all the way around the first dec round. Knit one or two rounds plain, then k9, k2tog all the way around the 2nd dec round. Knit the one or 2 rounds, then k8, k2tog all the way around. Keep alternating dec rounds with one less st between decs with the knit rounds until you have about 4 sts between decs. Then just do dec rounds with no plain knit ones between. This shaping usually works out okay.

You should be able to find some patterns at and too.
This is exactly one I have been looking for. Just the amount to increase and how often. Also, the information on the decrease amount. Wish everyone would make this so simple. Barbie
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