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Susan is north of me (I'm in IL) but is truly a gifted fiber artisian! To talk to her, she sounds a bit ditzy, but I swear to bob that what you are hearing is all the index cards in her brain flipping until she gets to the correct one.

My husband first contacted her on the phone in 2002. He wanted to buy me a spinning wheel for my wedding present. Susan helped him choose the Ashford Traveller, DD, DT for me .... shipped it out to him ... and let him make payments over the next 6 months. Susan is my go-to-gal for my husband when he wants to gift me with a spinning accessory! I let her know what I need/want and if DH calls her up, you hear those index cards in her head just a flipping and BINGO, I have a wonderful gift!

Ask her if she will give you a discount or free shipping on it. You never know until you ask! When I bought my Sonata off ebay for $50 under list price, I called her to get a jumbo bobbin kit for it. She asked why I wanted a Kromski when I had an Ashford and I told her about the deal I got on ebay. She told me she could have given me a better deal.

Understand, I'm not bosom buddies with Susan. Over the past 10 years, I see her once a year at a Fiber Fair and sometimes will call maybe once a year.

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