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The way you'll want to block the sweater depends a lot on the type of fiber you used. For example, if it is 100% acryllic or cotton, just giving it a good wash in a washing machine will do fine. If it is a wool or wool blend, what I usually do is to soak it in some warm water (and a little soap or wool wash if you want) for about 15-20 minutes, then squeeze out all the excess water (you can roll it in a towel and step on it to get it all out, but don't wring or twist). Then I lay it out flat on a surface like a padded carpet, or blocking mats like these if you have them. As for shaping, just shape it to where everything is nice and straight and the measurements are correct by patting it into place; then pin it in a couple of places to allow it to really hold the shape while it dries. Also, keep in mind that if the sweater has ribbing, like at the sleeves or hem, don't pin out the ribbing. Leave it to where it stays pulled in from the rest of the sweater so it'll stay stretchy.

And that's about it! Just leave it to dry for a while (probably a couple of days), and it'll be ready to go! Let me know if you have any questions.

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