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Fair Isle Question

I'm about to begin a pair of Fair Isle socks but since I've never knitted Fair Isle I'm doing some research first.

This video was so helpful, particularly since I don't find the floats very appealing and this method doesn't produce them, just a completely woven back.

The question I have is about those rows where only one yarn is used for two or more rows before re-introducing the second color.

Example - A=White B=Blue

B B B B B Round 8
B B B B B Round 7
A B A B A Round 6
A A A A A Round 5
A A A A A Round 4
A B A B A Round 3
B B B B B Round 2
B B B B B Round 1 Read each Round right to left, bottom to top

Each row represents a sampling of a pattern worked in the round.

Since I wouldn't necessarily want to carry the Blue completely around the back of Rounds 4 & 5 that are all white, could I just drop the blue, knit around Rows 4 & 5 with white only, just carrying the Blue vertically each round until getting to Round 6 where it's needed to form the horizontal pattern?

I hope this question makes sense! Thanks in advance for your input!

Happy Knitting,
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