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Turning the Heel
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Help With Silver's Sock Class
I am trying to make my first toe up sock. I am using the 1 toe up sock on 2 circs tutorial from Silver, but I am using only 1 needle and Magic Looping it. That's not my problem though.

My problem is the heel. I started doing the w&t portion and I am doing something wrong. Part 1 sets up 8 wrapped sts on either end of the needle, which I think I got ok. Then, you start picking up wraps, but also double wrapping stitches. I am having trouble visualizing the wraps to choose the correct stitch to stop at, so I was just counting. The problem is, the 8th stitch from the end appeared to be the "next wrapped stitch" for several rows after I started picking up the wrapped stitches, rather than going 8, 7, 6, etc...

After ripping out the heel portion 3 times, each successive time trying to pay closer attention to the stitches, I am getting frustrated. Usually I can read my knitting just fine, and I had no (ok minimal) problems with the heel on a top down sock when I made one ages ago...

Now I am thinking about skipping the double wrapping and just using Cat Bordhi's You Tube video instead. :( Help!
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