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I have been knitting 2 and more color pieces for many years. The stranding thing is always an issue, since a piece of yarn is carried in the back. Making a lot of baby cloth I hardly ever use it, because they can get caught in it easily.

same with socks and gloves and the like... on a hat you see the inside often.... and so on.

what I have been doing is the "twisting thing": every 2, 3 or 4 stitches that you knit with the same color (and carry the other) you twist your yarns once around eachother.
I do this kind of knitting with both (or even 3) yarns on my left hand index finger (SOMETIMES on 2 fingers) and it does take some efford to do (though like everything: you become faster by practice).

that philosopher method really gets me thinking that I should learn English style knitting at some point. Maybe I will do that some time soon. Seems nice (even though stitch 4 looks like mine might be quicker...) Well, it never hurts to know more technique.

one thing is fore sure: when you knit with yarn on both hands simultaneously you surely draw attention :D :D - reason enough to learn, isn't it?
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