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do you have all abbrev. translated right?

K1, * (yo, ssk) twice, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, (k2tog, yo) twice, k1, repeat from *

k 1 = same number of stitches
yo = increase by 1
ssk = decrease by 1
k2tog = decrease by 1
psso = decrease by 1

so, there is the same number of increase as decrease in this, you should end up with the same number as before.

that part settled:

when you start your row, is stitch 1 really just 1 stitch for you? or did you pull your working yarn over your needle instead of under? if you did, you really work the stitch below with both loops and therefore start out with a stitch more than you should.

one more tip:
use markers between all the pattern repeats for a start. (loops of string in a differente color work just fine). just hang them on the needle and slip them over when you get to them.

that way you can recount easier when you are done (and find that one repeat that messes you up) and you can keep better track when you work.

once you feel comfortable with the pattern, you will not need them a lot of times but if problems occur, they can be life savers.

btw. your last repeat will not be complete? or did I misscount? one knit stitch in the beginning... that leaves 96 stitches - and a repeat of 14. = 6 full repeats and that makes 1 + 84 = 85 of 97 so at the end there will be 12 stitches of that last repeat.... maybe the extra stitch is one to many increase in that last repeat? you have to cut instructions for lace short by keeping the number of stitches the same! that may mean, altering tha pattern if needed!
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