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Turning the Heel
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I Need Some Encouragement...
The last thing I was knitting before putting down my needles a few months ago was Luskeofte, basically my first real stranded knitting project. I started with the sleeves and got to the point where you are supposed to join them with steeks to finish the shoulder area. I kept screwing up the bindoff and cast on portion, and finally gave up in frustration.

I pulled out the project bag tonight intending to frog and start with something easier, an EZ Fair Isle yoke sweater. But there were those sleeves staring me in the face and looking kind of cute actually... I tried both of them on and was just reluctant to frog based on how much knitting I already did on them.

What should I do? I wanted to post a pic of my progress but Photoshop is giving me fits right now. I can't resize my giant pic! Oh well, picture me with the sleeves done up to the bicep area. AND picture me with big biceps.
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