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Help needed with circular knitting
I found this site a few weeks ago and since then haven't done much knitting LOL I've been knitting most of my life but have never tried circular needles. In fact no one in my circle of knitting friends and relatives have so I'm really on my own in this.

I've searched on the site and read a lot of posts and learned a lot but there are one or two points I need clearing up if you can.

I've got a pattern for a child's waistcoat and realise that I won't be knitting in the round but what do I do when I get to the shaping at the top?

Also, this may sound silly but do I use different size needles for the rib and then change to larger as with straight needles?

Any help you can give me would be great, I must say that the friendliness of this site really comes across as you read all the threads.

Thanks, Jan
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