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Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
There is a question on another thread about Knitty's Back to Basic sock.

First Sock Project

Here is the part I don't get.....

Heel will be worked back and forth over sts on Needle 2 only, as follows:
Row 1 [RS]: K48, W&T.
Row 2 [WS]: P28, W&T.
Row 3 [RS]: K27, W&T.
Row 4 [WS]: P26, W&T.

Rows 5-22: Continue in stockinette st, working each short row 1 st shorter than the last. Row 22 is 8 sts long.

How did the designer get to 8 stitches at row 22?

Pattern link.
Chris, bear with me conisdering I just woke up (long enough to turn the computer on & let the dog out) & had a rough night last night with Katie who couldnt breathe because of her cold & "boogers in my nose."

From the looks of it, I'm thinking the 8 sts ends up being the last part of this sock on the very top of the foot, so the heel/gusset is one and it wraps around the heel & up around the top of the foot. Looks like something I'd like to try & might have a go at when I wake up some more. I'll re-read through the pattern then and see what I can find. In the meantime maybe check ravelry to see if there's any erata available?

Duh! just saw your question asking how designer got o 8 sts on row 22. Here's my first morning math (dont laugh)
at row 4 you have 26 sts, each row you're decreasing by 1.
row 22-row 4= 18 sts decreased.
26 sts - 18 sts = 8 sts left after all decreases.

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