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Help (again)
OK...I viewed the video and I kind of get the short rows...But, I worked the 75 sts on the knit side and then I did the wrap and turn. I have a total of 110 sts. After I turn the work, I am on a purl side. Do I turn again and finish knitting? Or do I just stay on the purl side and continue to purl to the end of the row???

I will post the instructions:
Row 1 (RS): K 75, w&t.

Row 2 (WS): P 41 sts, w&t.-*Is this a totally new row or is this the continuation from the wrap and turn on Row 1?

Row 3: Work to 5 sts before last
wrap, w&t.

Rows 4-10: Repeat row 3, knitting on the RS and purling on the WS, 7 times more.** Like here-row 4 would be a purl row, but I don't think it will be now with all the previous wraps and turns-right??
Row 11: After last w&t, k to end of row, picking up wraps with associated sts.
Row 12: P all sts, picking up remaining wraps with associated sts.

W&T Work until the stitch to be wrapped. If knitting: bring yarn to the front of the
work, slip next st as if to purl, return the yarn to the back; turn work and slip
wrapped st onto right hand needle. Continue across row. If purling: bring yarn
to the back of the work, slip next st as if to purl, return the yarn to the front;
turn work and slip wrapped st onto RH needle. Continue across row.
Thank you! Linda
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