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Than you for your reply. Actually I did finally figure it out before I got your help! Here is the thing...Because I'm not that experienced, when I'm doing anything other than straight knits and purls and I make a mistake, I can't fix it since I don't know how to fix ssk, psso, etc....So, I end up ripping out the whole thing (again and again...). I've tried ripping it out until I can get to row that I know, but I haven't been successful with that with this pattern. So....for about the 5th time, I'm ripping out AGAIN! Why? Because I made some silly error after I completed all the short rows!!!!! AAAGGGGRRRRRHHHHHH! That is why I average about one sweater a year...LOL No joke! For some reason this particular pattern is giving me trouble. Does it ever seem to anybody else that they spend more time ripping out than actually knitting?? And the saddest thing, I still love to knit!!!
Thank you! Linda
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