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The 12 Scarves of Christmas!
I was wondering, what is the best way to knit scarves in time for Chirstmas? Right now I am using a size 11 American needles and a soft self striping yarn. ( I am not planning to use the yarn for all the scarves though. Only 2!) What is the best size needle for me to use and what kind of yarn? I was also wondering if anyone has any patterns that work --- For the adult scarves I was using an elongated stitch but then I thought that maybe it wasn't the best stitch to keep warm. I need to get these scarves done before Christmas Eve, so any sugestions would be helpful! Thanks

P.S. I am slowly kind of creating my own pattern. I am using no specific one right now.
Knit for the holidays!
1 scarf down 13 more to go!
Happy Knitting!

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