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UPDATE:Cont Pattern for 5 inches -- Problem, two different stitches in round
Hahahahahaha! I have defeated you monkey hat of doom!!!!

You are adorable and fit my son's head perfectly! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

I'm very proud of it. I'll try to post pictures in the general knitting forum, but we need to clear out camera first.

Thanks for all the help!!

Progress on this annoying to knit monkey hat!

I am now approaching crown shaping, though not there yet. I am at the point in the pattern where I am to:

rnd 1, p28, k25, p27
rnd 2, k Cont for five inches

The problem is --- part of the pattern comes out in stockinette (the k25 from the first round) and the rest in garter. My stockinette is a bit looser than the garter, as to be expected. So which do I measure the 5 inches by, or do I adjust my knitting to try to get the stockinette and garter to match up better?

It does seem from the pictures that the garter is supposed to be a bit shorter than the stockinette. It would appear that it evens out in the finishing instructions --- so that makes me inclined to knit to 5 inches in the garter.

Does this even make any sense?

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