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Mary Jane Slippers, Help please!!
Good morning everyone
I am making these awesome slippers,
or, at least I am trying to. I have made the sole, but this is my first time picking up stitches and I am having some problems.
First question, when I "pick up" the stitches in this pattern, am I JUST picking up? Or am I picking up and knitting? I don't really see how I can pick up the stitches on the heel and toe and not pick up and knit, but the pattern says to just pick up.
Second question, the pattern says to pick up 3 for every 4 stitches up the sides, but I can't evenly do that, the math doesn't work out. Where exactly do I start picking up only 3 of 4 instead of every one?
Third question, picking up the stitches! again, I have never done it, and this pattern is doing it in garter stitch. I found this excellent tutorial,
the only issue is that it is from left to right? and it is just pick up, not pick up and knit which again becomes a problem when picking up the stitches in the toe and in the heel
am I doing something wrong? Please help knitting experts!
Its at times like these that I really wish that I had a mentor!
Thanks so much ahead of time for any help that anyone can offer!
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