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Rosie and Hyperactive...

Good Advice, Rosie! On Christmas Eve the only "yokes" I want to deal with will be in the egg nog! (I know, I know, spelling doesn't count!) Thanks for these designs, they're gorgeous.

I think what I'm looking for, Hyperactive, is the Fair Isle stranding technique rather than a strict, specific fair isle pattern, although I've seen several that are quite lovely that I might tackle. Thanks for the link.

I'm such a newby with Fair Isle that I don't yet know what to ask for! How's that for a puzzle!

The only Fair Isle pattern that I have in hand at the moment is for socks knitted in the round. It's very simple and I thought that would give me a "gentle" introduction. Once I've got that under my belt I might be able to draft a pattern for the sweater.

I keep "seeing" a simple cardigan, white for the bottom 2/3 with stranded banding in a variety of colors and patterns upwards from there and the same treatment for the sleeves, carrying the stranding on the sleeves to match up with the body of the sweater. A placket down the front on both sides for buttons and buttonholes, in white, and a simple ribbed neckband.

I may have to resort to an already-drafted more traditional pattern, which would still be lovely, but I just keep "seeing" the custom one.

OK, will let you know what happens, and I so much appreciate your help!

Happy knitting,

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