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Originally Posted by ittybittypretty View Post
Haha, why yes it is. A very little known anime version from 1979. I LOVED this version when I was little (despite crying my eyes out every single time the mermaid dies and turns to sea foam). You can find boot leg dvd copies on ebay if you search for "Little Mermaid anime". or original copies of vhs (although the cover for the vhs is redrawn and only vaguely looks like my avatar-but it is the in fact the same movie-in fact I was one of the first ones to rediscover this movie about 10 years ago and put two and two together that the craptastic cover on the vhs was IN FACT the anime movie people were looking for (despite the typo on the back of the cover that listed the mermaid's name as MARIA, and not MariNa) and when I relisted the video as the ANIME version on ebay, I sold that first vhs for over a $100, and then several more for around $80!!! No joke.. haha, sorry about the tangent but that's my claim to fame. Alas, soon people caught on and now you get them for (and ripped off dvd's for about $10-12).

In any case, if you have seen the movie, I highly recommend picking yourself up a copy, it will take you way back to your childhood
I've been looking for it for ages....I teach history and we go through the fairy tales and I torture the students w/ the mid 70's narrated version (with lovely 70's soprano folk music) and have wanted this one badly!!!!!
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