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it does ultimately depenf on the wool.
But I would try it, fore sure.

One of the problems is, lifting a heavy item out of the water (even heavier) and carrying it to position. Lift it all in a tangle, grab underneath. Do not pull on anything. Before in the water: bunch it together, make it form a ball without force.

Now lay it out (it will be very wet, careful) on a towl. I think I would place it in the bathtub to start with (or maybe my basement floor with a drain.

You can obviously not leave it lying there all wet forever, but whenever you reposition it to a fresh towl, be careful not to stretch it. Once done... don't get it dirty because this awaits you (more or less) when washing.

I had a wonderful pullover as a kid (I think it was handknit) and after drying on a hanger for some never-discovered reason it was not only almost a dress, I also had boxy ugly shoulders. The weight of wool pulls a lot on the piece.

Good luck.

PS: currently wearing a jacket that I did overblock in length by a good bit. I am happy with the length, though, just not with how much tighter it got around the front.
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