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Hi Brian!
welcome to the forum!

We all had some "please do not dig up ever"-knitting corpses under the bed or elsewhere... that is part of the learning experience.
But there is a lot to explore out there and I hope you will have fun with learning more and more. It challenges me every day of my knitting life (and makes sure I will not get bored).

Some videos you might find helpful for checking up on basics and learning advanced tricks and techniques are the videos of Garnstudio, a Norwegian company with a vast selection of patterns. Their videos are something like a zen-experience for me and I lately bought the green yarn they entrance me with (yes, I got hooked).
Since they need to provide the videos for a large number of language the videos themselfes are all without sound, showing just the things to do and focussing on the knitting. Written text above the videos tells you all you need to know.
Maybe that is a helpful tool because it does not make any difference in use for me or for you and you don't even need your hearing aids.
I am a visual learner translating things into my own words and rythms mostly and therefore like the "no-babling"-videos a lot.

Here is the link to the overview page there:

Have fun in the forum and ask anything you like. Almost always someone will know the exact thing to do!
Continental Knitter with passion, pretty busy and always onto something new.

I have been away from the forum for a bit, but I am still around!
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