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Experienced knitters advice to Beginning knitters
This has happened to me on several occasions and it's something that's starting to bug me.
I'm a beginning knitter..probably beginning advanced. When I ask questions anywhere when I'm around other knitters/knit shops/on raverly/or online/in knit groups..etc. There always seems to be a knitter that says 'Oh,it's EASY'..well,hello...what your easy is is not necessarily MY easy...and when I don't 'get it' the first time,or second time,or how many only makes me feel dumb,and frustrated,and stressed. Please teachers..those that offer help and instruction, the word easy can and is used all too frequently when showing someone new how to do it. I knit for the love of the yarn,and as a destressor,& for the community of women...I want that to continue.
Thanks for listening..
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