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Point no. 1: I don't think that most people who take the efford to explain to a new or learning knitter are actually trying to show off their superior skill by "easy(for me, you dummy)".
Point no. 2: when I am confronted with a problem by someone, I sometimes squeeze my brain out until it hurts to find a solution for that person - and may still not be adequate or able to explain in words what I mean.

So when a problem is asked and it is easy for me to find a solution or explain what I know I may shout in joy: Oh, that is easy (to help you out of that tight spot).

So, don't worry, the "easy" is not even meant for the person asking at all. I mean teach an adult to knit and day one the knit stitch is a problem. Really. So what's easy anyways.
I consider myself a pretty good knitter, really. And I am willing to learn all the time. But that makes me ask and try to follow instructions and sometimes I am confronted with something that I really can not deal with just "easy". Well, I either ask some more or give up. Often I just get back to it later on. (like the "tracks" fingerless gloves for me... just didn't see the pattern, so next try soon with a fresh brain.)

Just take it easy (sorry, no pun intended)...
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